Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pennies from Heaven

As you may have seen, I haven't been here for a while.  I've been so busy with my new venture with my husband Daren, Pennies from Heaven.  It's a wedding stationery business.  During the recession, which for us lasted over 5 years and was a very trying and traumatic time, we tried so hard to keep our heads above water.  It wasn't until well into the recession that I literally woke up one morning and shouted "WEDDING STATIONERY" at the top of my voice!  It was so obvious and had been staring us in the face!  I had been papercrafting for just over 10 years at the time and Daren had over 25 years graphic design/artwork experience working for some very prestigious companies throughout his career, so with his skills of layout and mine of cutting and sticking (!) I knew it would work.  He, however, was much more hesitant.  He didn't think for one minute we could find the custom we needed to make it work.  So I put my research plans into action!  That was at the end of October 2012.  And our baby, PENNIES FROM HEAVEN was born on 1st January 2013!  We set our objectives to have one customer in January, two in February, four in March and so on.  We realised all our objectives at that time and a little bit more!  By the summer, we couldn't believe how well it was going.  We did our first wedding fair in September 2013 and have now done three all in all.  We are now just about to reach our 100th bride and groom!  Our orders are flooding in and we can create virtually anything for our lovely couples.  We've done an array of colours from cerise pink to cadbury purple, from a pink and peach mix to aubergine and cream.  We've created cheque book invitations, laser, pocketfolds, semi pocketfolds and our latest creation is petalfolds (see pic) with butterflies.  We are so pleased and later this year/early next year we have even more to look forward to!  If you know someone who would like to get in touch, please ask them to email ( and we will point them in the right direction to see our samples.

Thank you for reading.  I hope to pop back very soon.