Thursday, 19 March 2009

A friend's birthday present

It wasn't until the other day when I made the post below, that I realized I hadn't posted for over a month! Then it sunk in .... I hadn't done any real crafting for over a month either. As well as time flying, I never seem to have any at the moment, temporarily working full time and all. Well this afternoon I had to craft. As well as Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, I have 2 friends' birthdays over the weekend.
Anyway firstly I wanted to blog the scrapbook page I promised to. I bought a workshop as a birthday present for Alison who I'd previously made the canvas for and this is what we did! It was 12 x 12 acetate, a little sewing, we stamped acetate flowers, we used liquid pearls and learnt how to make some shabby flowers. We didn't have enough time to finish on the night, so last night Alison came over and we spent the evening finish off our projects and had an enjoyable evening. Alison used a picture of the hotel on Burgh Island where she was married to Brian last October. I used a bit more of an older picture of my girls who were then 12 and 9 when they were bridesmaids on our wedding day on 27th May 2005. Where does the time go .....? I hope you like them.


TinaB said...

OMG D they are stunning !!!!!

TinaB said...

I have something for you on my blog xx

Andrea said...

thats just beautiful Denize, a real piece of art, fabby x

Shazza said...

they are beautiful Denize, love them