Monday, 16 March 2009

Team Kennard Walks the Walk

After battling to lose weight a good friend of mine Andrea Kennard, I met through crafting nearly 4 years ago is beginning another battle: Along with her 16 year old daughter Sophie who is supporting her, she is in the middle of training for The annual Moonwalk. During the last 8 months, Andrea has been strong enough to lose over 5 stone. After caring for her family through 9 years of illness, sadly, Andrea's friend Marion lost her battle with cancer and she is now the inspiration for Andrea doing the Moonwalk. Andrea is still there for the family Marion left behind. Andrea's full story can be read in Chat magazine at the end of April but if you would like to help Andrea reach her goal and help find the cure for cancer, you are welcome to make a donation. Every little helps. Thank you.


Andrea said...

Denize thankyou so much for putting this on your Blog for me, much appreciated xx

Denize said...

You are welcome ... it's also on my facebook with a link! Hope it goes some way towards your goal. :-)