Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wishing the very best of luck to Andrea & Sophie!!!

It's the 26 mile Moonwalk, Walk the Walk on Saturday from midnight and my friend Andrea, who has, in the past 10 months, lost a staggering 5 stone, is going to take part with her daughter Sophie. Nathalie and I decorated the said bras as a gesture as they are doing it for a very good cause and together have been sponsored for nearly £2,500. We wish them very best of luck and cross fingers it does not rain. xxx


Linda Elbourne said...

You did a fab job Denize X

Andrea said...

we love the bras and a big thankyou to you both xx

Michelle said...

The bras look great Denize :)
Anne x
Oo just noticed DD was logged onto my PC and it's showing her name where it says 'choose and identity'

TinaB said...

What a stunning job you made of them xxx

Well done you xx

Hels said...

Don't they both look fab! Those bras look so pretty and well done to Andrea and Sophie on their amazing achievement too xx