Saturday, 21 February 2015

It's certainly been a while ...

At the start of this blog many years ago, I was very behind. All my crafty friends had started blogs years before me and I wasn't going to give in and write one as I knew I wouldn't keep it up. And here I am, years later, having not kept it up!

However, I have kept my crafting up, unlike a lot of my friends whose lives have often taken them in another direction.  That's almost the same for me although my new life involves crafting.  Along with my husband Daren, on 1st January 2013 we started our new business.  He has been a graphic designer/Artworker since he left school many moons ago and he's good at it.  As I am a papercrafter, the obvious business to start at the height of the recession was Wedding Stationery.  So because of lack of work from both  sides (I was at that time audio transcribing TV and radio programmes) after  me sitting upright in bed one morning and trying to convince him that I'd finally 'got a great idea' Pennies from Heaven was born!

And here we are over two years later, 83 couples down the line and many more in the pipeline, we are going great guns with our wedding stationery business.  Daren already had an office at home and after our eldest moved out, we decided to turn another larger bedroom into my very own craft/production office so exit the remaining furniture, in come the in-laws, paint brushes along with  all the decorating accessories you could wish for to create the perfectly decorated room, and in a matter of days I had a very light lime green and pinky purpley room to match the purple carpet that had been left behind!  It was fantastic and I was so pleased with it.  In went the furniture, most of what we already had from my little old craft room, although a cupboard and a couple of desks were added.  In came the Mac for my emails and sourcing materials and I was perfectly set up.

So here we are two years later enjoying meeting engaged couples and making their beautiful stationery of their choice.   If you know anyone that is getting married and may need wedding stationery, find us at Come and say hello!

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Unknown said...

That's a lovely read Denize and so pleased the business is doing so well xx